Medical Gas Isolation Valve Boxes

ESCO Medicon Isolating Valve Boxes are ideal for all modern medical applications. Designed to meet and exceed the strictest medical standards, our valve boxes can be customised for any facilities or requirement.

Each ESCO Medicon gas valve box assembly is designed to allow for gas sampling, purging, emergency supply connection & testing.

Gas type & valve handle orientation can easily be determined or identified at a distance through a clear polycarbonate safety cover (window) which also allows for the handle to be in any position.

Standard features includes; 

  • AS2896 compliant to meet exacting Medical Gas Requirements
  • Additional Gas Valves or Gas Pipe Sizes can be specified (as required)
  • All Valves are factory pressure tested on assembly
  • Simple Cleaning & Serviceability Procedures
  • Spare Parts available for replacement (if required)
  • Pressure Gauges / Pressure Switches are able to be deleted (as required)
  • Previous proven use & specified all over the country

Each box is fully Galvanised with an exterior finish of Polyester Powdercoat. Front surrounds are supplied to suit varying wall surface thickness and feature front (pull-out) Polycarbonate access windows that allow operation of the valves in the open or closed position. The standard unit colour is off white. However, if additional colours are required, we are able to provide this service at an additional cost.